With our new website we hope to be able to improve communication and information to the many Danes living in North East England and to all with a relation to Danish Seamen’s Church in Hull. Some live nearby and may be able to visit us often, and we really hope you will. But the many seafarers and the many Danes living far from us shall also be informed on what goes on and what we can offer

For seafarers calling into the docks in the Humber area a visit from the seamen’s pastor is an opportunity to get information about the local area, to loan Danish books, films or newspapers and to have a confidential chat The pastor will if possible visit Danish vessels calling one of our harbors. You can also get in touch with the pastor by telephone, mail or text.

Permanent residents  and people employed by the wind-turbine industry  are very welcome to visit the church. In our opening hours you can buy coffee or tea and enjoy home baked cakes or biscuits. We have a good selection of magazines of interest for Danes and seafarers. And we are always ready to have a  nice chat in Danish or English.

We are open every second weekend. On the Saturdays we offer Danish lessons both for beginners and advanced. We offer Danish lunch from 12 to 14 pm. And you can park outside the church while shopping in Hull. On the Sundays we have church service. That will be in Danish but with English texts and a summary of the sermon in English when needed. After service the lunch will be served and we have a nice get-together.

Through the church council we are planning implementing new social events by having an event during  or after the service. For instance showing one of the newest Danish films or family friendly activities. Or an excursion somewhere in the wonderful Yorkshire.

Attending a Christian service may for many be unfamiliar and maybe irrelevant. We will try to make it easier so that rituals and texts are explained in contemporary terms.

As mentioned the new website will be an important part of our communication with people related to Denmark. Here you will find information on what is going on. Our Facebook site will report on news, and from here you can click on to the website for further details.

This ”pastors blog” will frequently be renewed with up-to-date comments and reflections  on  daily life.

In the near future we are looking forward to see as many of you as possible at our Christmas fair  25.-26. November.

With greetings