Coming to Hull was a big - but great – change for me. I had left a very busy job as parish priest for a big congregation in a suburb of Copenhagen to a job as a priest for the Seamen’s church in Hull. There I had 1-2 funerals a week and lots of baptisms and weddings. Here I have until now had none of these.

There 40 to 60 persons attended service on a normal Sunday. Here there are most often less than 10 on a normal Sunday. And that is a change I’m still trying to get used to. But I don’t complain. All in all it has been a change to an easier job. And I feel very happy here. I have felt me very welcome of everyone from 1st day. Thank you very much for that.

It was a wonderful and great experience to work with the Christmas market. I was used to work with a Christmas market every year, but not as big as this here in Hull. I’m looking forward very much to our Christmas market in 2017.

2016 has been marked by the changes. New staff and new opening hours.  But we have found our way into a good rhythm of the life in the church.

In 2016 there has been no statistics made due to the change of priest.

Until now there has been held 6 services in our Church in 2017. There have been 56 participants.

There have been 2 services in Newcastle with 28 participants.

Ship visiting

To visit ships may not have been my top priority until now, although I have checked almost every day, if there were Danish ships in the ports. But there have not been many. So there has not been many ship visits.

Wind turbine industry

I have had good contact to Danes working at the Siemens Factory and other Danish companies that are employing Danish craftsmen and engineers, and we have had visits from them. Most of them are there on short terms and that makes it very important to provide the companies with information on what we can offer. During springtime I will work out a flyer especially for them, but I need to collect some more information on what their needs could be.

The Alexander Dock (Wind turbine factory area) has been closed for people without special permit. But I have been invited to attend their induction next Tuesday, and that will give me permission to walk around all over the area.

Café and shop

It seems like the number of guests in the café is increasing a little bit. In January we had 46 guests and in February we had 115. We are advertising more about the Danish goods in the shop. And that has brought some more people in for shopping.

Within the coming weeks we will discuss if we can make café and Saturday’s lunch a bit more inviting.

Outside view and facilities

We are planning to make the view from the street more inviting. Someone has said that from the street the church looks like a dead factory. And others (among them people from the Siemens factory) have said they passed by lots of times without noticing that there was a Danish church here. So we plan to arrange some better signs and maybe some cleaning of the paved space in the parking space and around the entrance.

We are also planning to renew some of the plants in the back garden.


In 2016 there have been the traditional events. About 1500 has participated (Christmas market about 1000).

For upcoming events in 2017 we can mention the following:

Visit from Ambassador Claus Grube 26th March.

Sunday 9th April: “Påskefest”

Saturday 22nd April: “Bake off”

Sunday 7th May: Memorial Service in Newcastle Cathedral

Sunday 18th June: Joint trip to Kirkdale for service and lunch

Saturday 24th June: Midsummer party.

14th to 18th September: Visit from about 20 people from Brøndbyvester Kirke, Denmark.

October 30 -1st September: Choir Festival for amateur choirs

More details on the website and in the Newsletters


Liz and Eric Lauritsen are playing the organ, and most Sundays are covered. We are trying to find one more person who can play the organ, but have not had any luck yet.




Over the Autumn I created a new website in a new program especially designed for churches and with a new provider. Unfortunately we had to change the web address due to problems with our former provider.

Our new Website is free of costs unless we pay a yearly fee for the domain. DSUK are covering the costs to the Danish web provider.

From 1st November until now there have been a bit more than 2000 visitors on our website.

From the website it is very easy to create and send Newsletters.



Last Autumn Social Fund decided to replace “Kirkehilsen” with a monthly Newsletter. Sent by email to those who sign in for this and by mail tor those who want this. Until now we have 71 mail addresses signed in for the electronical Newsletter and 26 for the mails.

The new Newsletter system is still developing, and feedback shall be very welcome.

We will still probably late October send a printed Newsletter by mail to all our members.

Renting rooms out
Art Class every Friday on first floor
Tai  Chi Wednesday.
AgeUK Thursday
World Ship Society
Hull literature and historical Society

Hull cardiografics



From 1st September 2016 we were a new staff: Anette, Charlotte and me. We are doing very well together. Anette and Charlotte are very helpful church assistants and very pleasant company. Thank you very much!

Hull, 12th of  March 2017

Arne Kristophersen