The danish Seamens Church

The purpose of the Danish Church /Seamen’s Church is first and foremost to be a Church and to be a place where people can gather.

1. Danish Seafarers
2. Danish people who live in the area who become the local congregation
3. People from the other Scandinavian countries.

The 17th May is celebrated for Norwegians, Christmas Service is held for Icelandic people. The Sunday Services are held in Danish and in accordance with the Danish Lutheran Folk Church. The Church is available and the pastor on hand for christenings, confirmations, weddings and funeral services in accordance with the Danish rituals.
The object of the church is to be a safe and secure pillar for Danish Seafarers who dock at one of the many harbours in the Humber area.

As it is very difficult for the Seafarers today,to get leave from the ship to go ashore, the seamen’s Pastor will travel to the ships to visit as many as possible. Since 2012 the Pastor has visited ships all over England on his own .

Danes, as well as people from all the Nordic Countries, living in the area, are very appreciative of the many and varied events ;be it the cosy Saturday lunches, lectures, film evenings or the seasonal parties. Many local people with Nordic ancestry also enjoy visiting.

Danish Seamen`s Churches
Through the organisation DSUK (the Danish Seamen`s Churches and Churches Abroad) Sct Nikolaj is affiliated to the Danish Lutheran Folk Church hence all Services and other religious ceremonies follow the rituals as set out in the Danish Lutheran Folk Church.
The supervising Bishop is Peter Skov-Jakobsen, Copenhagen

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The church relies very much on the help of volunteers. They ensure that the life of the church continues to flourish and that the economy of the church is strengthened by arranging the annual Christmas market , seasonal parties and other events throughout the year.
If you would like to do volunteering for Sct Nikolaj Church then please contact the church. We are always looking for new people.